Saturday, May 29, 2010

Martin Schoeller: Female Bodybuilders - Berkshire Fine Arts - word

Jordanian woman body-builder takes on world of prejudice


Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending where ever in the the world you may be, my name is Deanna and I've created the blog to and for those who wish and choose not too live within the boundaries of society, I'm not talking anything illegal but a personal choice of living.
Any and everbody is welcome, but my primary focus will usuall concern female bodybuilding and fitness to and for any woman who loves to workout, loves muscle no matter what anybody says or thinks, it doesn't matter if you compete or not. And also my sisters in the TG,TS, &CD community, you will be surprised by the similarities we have, there will be pics and news articles that I find will be posted soon, so I hope to be seeing your thoughts on various subjects soon.