Monday, July 26, 2010


I am sending this letter to muscle mag and flex in getting support for female bodybuilder s and respect

As a fan of womens's bodybuilding, I would like to know why there is not more coverage for female bodybuilders. It seems as though it is the malebodybuilders and the fitness/figure competitiors that get the majority of the publicity, money and sponsorship. Why is that? With all do respect to the male bodybuilders and fitness and figure competitors work hard but so do the female bodybuilders. i would like to see more coverage of female bodybuilders in your magazines as well as some T.V coverage. The female bodybuilders has a much greater difficulty in my opinion to succeed in this sport. They have to deal with the pressures of society giving them negative feed back about there muscular appearence. just like many females who think muscular men are attractive there are people out there like myself who think muscular females are attractive. It is unfourtunate that these women's hard work and dedication that it takes to achieve this type of physique is not being diplayed or glamorized more often. I pose this question, " what can be done?" i have e-mailed various professionals and amateur female bodybuilders and asked them what they would like to see improved in the sport. Most have said prize money, sponsorship and most importantly respect. What can i do and other do to change this, I want to be a leader and supporter for the sport, as well as a spomsor a female bodybuilder.

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