Monday, August 23, 2010

My first time hitting iron

I was a sophmore in high school when I became eligble to take weight training class instead of regular gym classes, when the head football had paired me up with Josie to me started. Now the only thing I did that whole time 45min was squats doing 135lbs that entire time and I began to love the feeling of the pump and I was seriously hooked then. "Get in the hole!" she continue to tell me as I would go parrallel sometimes deeper but I kept on going. Need to say when Class was over, I was barely able to walk down the two flights of stairs holding on to the railing, ever so slow making my way to the locker room to change and was barely able to walk the rest of the day. And then it happened the soreness from my first workout, my quads, hams and ass was sore that entire weekend and I completly loved the feeling, I couldn't wait for Monday to do it all over again, from then on I was addicted to muscle and to the iron.

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