Thursday, October 21, 2010

Andrews body builder exceeds AF standards by Bobby JonesPublic Affairs photojournalist

Early morning light illuminated the sweat-drenched, sculpted face of Tech. Sgt. Khristine Farmer as she let out a controlled exhale at the end of her last set of bicep curls at the West Fitness Center. Her primary motivation for fitness was to get into show-level shape for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. Her look of determination replaced signs of fatigue as sweat rolled down her striated forearms. Monitoring her lifting form, she began pumping out another iron-laden routine.
Sergeant Farmer, 1st Airlift Squadron Special Air Missions flight attendant instructor and element leader, was not always so focused about her physical regimen. In fact, a year ago, she was 40 pounds overweight.

‘‘I was very frustrated,” said Sergeant Farmer. ‘‘I was frustrated because, like many people trying to lose weight, I did a lot of yo-yo dieting and got little to no results. I finally figured out that I had to stick with healthy eating and consistent exercising, and it worked.”

After losing the unwanted weight within a year, Sergeant Farmer decided to set higher goals and compete in a Women’s Figure competition.

‘‘For as long as I remember, this goal was something I thought was so far out of reach for me,” Sergeant Farmer said.

Therefore, in order for her to reach that goal, she decided to enlist the help of Mike Davies, a professional trainer and figure fitness of coach of 17 years, living in Ohio.

‘‘We communicate throughe-mails; he sends me diets and workouts and I send him progress photos,” said Sergeant Farmer, who became interested in bodybuilding after going to a Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas.

‘‘I’ve been a fan of bodybuilding for years ... and after witnessing this top-level show for professional figure fitness I became an even bigger fan,” she said.

The excitement of competition eventually became Sergeant Farmer’s catalyst to improve and exceed the Air Force standards of physical fitness. The sport of bodybuilding not only helped Sergeant Farmer improve her fitness scores, but she soared beyond the minimum standard and received a perfect test score of 100 on her last physical fitness test.

‘‘Bodybuilding has helped me tremendously! I am in the best shape of my life,” Sergeant Farmer said.

Sergeant Farmer’s zeal for physical excellence also has benefitted her fellow squadron members as she utilizes her techniques and position as the unit physical fitness trainer leader to help them achieve a greater level of fitness.

‘‘Nine months ago, when Khristine told me about her physical fitness journey, I was amazed,” said Master Sgt. Pete Kana, 89th Operations Group NCO in charge of awards and special projects. ‘‘I’ve been a student in her core fitness, spin, and combat fitness classes, and all have challenged me to enhancing my own personal fitness goals. She’s an inspiration for us all here in my squadron, and continues to keep me on my A-game.”

Sergeant Farmer is no stranger to dedication as she spent six years as a ceremonial guardsman with the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard at what was then Bolling Air Force Base.

Now, with a couple of competitions such as Musclemania Capital Tournament of Champions in Washington, D.C., and the NPC Maryland State⁄East Coast Classic in Rockville under her belt, Sergeant Farmer’s dedication has been recognized by her chief motivator, Mr. Davies.

‘‘I’ve been training Kristine a little more than 18 months, and her work ethic is great,” said Mr. Davies, whose clientele include NFL, NBA and professional bodybuilders. ‘‘It’s so tough to do what she had to do to; put shape on her body. Being an ectomorph body type, she needed to put shape on her body.

‘‘It was much tougher to do what she had to do. When you have to simply lose weight, and there’s muscle under it, it makes it easier.”

Additionally, Sergeant Farmer participates in fitness boot camps run by her trainer to learn different techniques and intensify her workouts.

‘‘‘Professional’ is a very tough level to accomplish, but if I know her mind set, she will take steps toward it,” Mr. Davies said.

Sergeant Farmer said that her primary goal is to be healthy, in shape, and feel good.

‘‘I don’t know where this figure sport will take me or how long I will do it. I just take it one day at a time,” she said.

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