Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good news: More teen girls lift weights

But this good news comes with a caveat, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Girls are hitting the weight room more than ever before, and not surprisingly that has come with a price—more injuries occurring in the weight room.

The price, however, is a small one compared to the injuries to be prevented by girls' building stronger, more durable bodies. Not only that, it is one that can be avoided without too much difficulty.

Despite the hyperbole ("alarming rate") fated to any topic that finds its way into mainstream media, the news here is straightforward and mostly propitious; but it does require some attention:

The problem:

"Using data from 100 emergency rooms, researchers found that although men and boys still make up the majority of gym injuries, the increase was the largest among teen girls, indicating that more girls are lifting weights than ever before."

The cause:

"From that [data collected from hospitals], researchers were able to surmise that lack of supervision was the main reason girls were hurting themselves, not because they were lifting too much."

The solution:

"Getting proper instruction on how to use the machines and lift safely is essential, and always use a spotter with free weights."

See, not so hard, was it?

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