Saturday, June 5, 2010


This past week I started training with sandbags, I will tell you that that it's not easy at all in fact it's kicking my ass haha, I am doing it for time instead of reps for example i was doing cleans with it for one minute for three sets this will have sucking air big time and it feels like your back is gonna rip out of your shirt. Another one is doing sqauts with it for the same amount of time, you lift it of the ground and lay over one of your shoulders and do a squat with it drop it back down and do it again over the other shoulder for one minute, and i guarantee you'll be swaeting buckets and getting strong at the same time, it's a complete total body workout upper body, core, and legs and best of all it cheap to make here's what you need :

1 Canvas duffle bag $15-20
4 50lb bags of sand or gravel (I suggest gravel it's easier to clean if you make a mess) $2-3
1 Roll of duct tape or twine $2-4 i think
1 Box of carpenters clean up bags $13
You start by pouring the sand or gravel either the whole thing or 25lb sections into the bag tape or tie it up tight, then double bag it, those bags you put inside the duffle bag like I said it will either be in 25 or 50 lb increments, the duct tape can be used to tape up the straps on the bag to get them out of the way. At most you'll pay around $60-70 for everything, where else do you think you can get 200lbs of weight for that cheap, but you should start off light to figure out how much you can handle, because this isn't like handling a barbell, the weight will shift on you, your grip will be funny cause you're grabbing a bag , think of of it as lifting a small to decent size person depending on your strength. I'll put up a video of it soon that will better describe it better, but this is something I had to share with ya'll get stronger!


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