Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I sit in a chair in a dark living room, and an electric pulse races through my body. It's you, it has to be. I can feel your presence as you approach the front door. I hear a key jiggle in the lock and I stand up, naked and erect at the thought of you coming home. The door opens spilling a small amount of light into the room, and revealing my naked body to you.

"Goddess." I say

Your frame fills the doorway. I can barely make you out as my eyes are still adjusting to the light. I know it is you though. The mass, and sheer power that you move with is unmistakeable. You step inside and shut the door. But do not move away from it. You raise the lights slowly, allowing my eyes to adjust and revealing yourself. There you stand in black knee high boots, a short jean skit and a white button up top tied together at your exquisite breasts. The boots make your calves pop with vascularity and shape while the cut of your thighs leads up to the skirt. Your abs are revealed by your shirt, and you top seems moments away from falling open to reveal your exquisite breasts. Your arms are more pumped than I have ever seen them and there seem to be a light sheen of sweat on your body.

"Kneel." You command, and I quickly drop to my knees, and bow my head.

"No. Look at me."

I raise my eyes to meet yours. A subtle smile crosses your face and you cross the distance to me in three slow, lingering, sexy steps. You stop in front of me, and let me drink in everything about you. The cut and curve of every revealed inch of flesh. You slowly raise your right leg and hold it close to me in the air. Without having to tell me anything, I know exactly what to do. I slowly and gently reach out and begin to unzip the boot. Slowly freeing the great and powerful leg in front of me. As I slowly peel away the boot, my hands grasp your calf and I begin to squeeze the rock hard muscle that bulges from your leg and my cock grows harder. You look down at me with a pleased look on your face. I fully remove the boot and gently place it on the ground next to me, with the full respect that anything that adorns your body deserves. I turn my attention back to your leg and gently tug your leg toward me. You give a slight bit of
resistance and smile wide and slowly allow your leg to come to my mouth. My lips kiss the calf that is bulging from your leg and moves down to your feet. I kiss it and you lower it back to the ground. Smoothly transitioning your weight back to the now free and powerful foot.

You raise your other leg and with but a nod of the head you signal that I may begin the process of removing your other boot. I slowly strip the other boot off and pay my respects to your other calf. Savoring the pleasure I see in your face that I see as I perform my duties. You use your foot to push me back from you, and then you lower your leg back to the ground. You spread your stance, and I know exactly what to do.

I reach out and begin to caress and massage your massive and powerful legs. You dip you head back and close your eyes as you allow the sensation of my worshipful caresses and massages cover your legs. As my arms come to the edge of your skirt, I stop and look up at you and you look down at me.

"Goddess, may I?"
"You may."

I slowly begin to remove your skirt from your body. Revealing your body further.

"May I stand now?"
"You may."

I stand and reach my hands out to your shit. There is a sharp SLAPPING sound and my hand stings.

"Did I say you could do that?"
"No you did not." I hang my head in shame.
"That's okay, you may continue."

I let my hands move to the steel abs that reside under your skin and caress the muscle that you have there.

"Now?" I ask
"Now." You say.

I reach out and untie the top that covers your the rest of your true beauty and slowly untie it. I move behind you and slowly remove it from your body leaving you revealed in your true glory. My cock becomes like skin covered steel at the sight of you. You look over you shoulder at me, and look down at my raging cock. You give me a half smile and stride away from me toward the bathroom.

"Is everything ready?" You ask
"But of course."

In the bathroom you find a steaming hot bath drawn for you. You slowly get in and feel the hot water soak your body. As you stretch out, I stand at the door way.

"May I enter?"

I take a scrub pad and soak it in the hot water, and spread a small amount of fragrent soap on the in creating a rich lather.

"Would you like me to wash you now."
"In a minute you say."

Some time passes and you look me in the eyes and nod slightly. You close your eyes and lean forward. I caress your body with the sponge. The light and sweet smell of lavender drifts through the air. The suds making your body gleam and shine. i work my way down your back until I reach the water line and then move around to the front of your body. The sponge slides across your slick breasts and down your abs. You open your eyes and smile at me.

"Are you please, Goddess?"
"I am."

You stand and I continue to work the sponge around your body. My hands caress your powerful ass, and then move down your legs. I drain the water and start the shower. I remove the nozzel and wash the soap away from your body.

"Bring me a towel now."

I obediently get a towel for you.

You let the towel drop to the floor, after you've dried and step out of the tub. You place your tremendously strong hand against my chest and give a light shove which sends me off balance and gets me to move back. You step up to me again but this time you put just one finger into my chest.

You give me a half smile as you look into my eyes and slowly draw your finger accross my body.

"Stand at attention."
Instantly I react and become rigid. You start to walk around me dragging your finger along my skin as you walk around my body. As you circle you move your finger lower and lower until it comes to my waist line. Stopping behind me, you take your finger off my body and drape your heavy arms over my shoulders.

Looking down at my cock you see that some cum has leaked out.

"Does it excite you to be this close to me?"
"Oh yes, Goddess."

One of your strong arms snakes around my waist and you rest your hand on my thigh right next to my raging cock.

"Does it excite you when I touch you?"
"It 's what I live for."

You smile as your hand slides down to cup my balls. The excitement and lust that you stir in me is so strong that I struggle to keep from blowing cum everywhere.

As you massage my swollen sack, you nibble on my ear. My breath catches in my throat and cock screams in pleasure when your grip tightens immediately bringing me back to reality. "Not before me." You whisper in my ear and release your iron grip on my balls.

You slink back in front of me and sit on the edge of the tub. You spread your legs wide, revealing your immensely swollen clit. My eyes lock on you and I settle down onto my knees in front of you. You run your hands up and down your legs, watching my eyes drink in your body and lock in on your crotch. You slowly, seductively lick your index and middle finger on your right hand and massage the swollen and aching pussy between your legs.

A smile creeps up your face as you. "You may begin."'
I grab my swollen member and pump myself in rythym with you.

Your breathing intensifies and you begin to gyrate your hips.

A moan escapes your throat. My breathing intensifies and I begin to handle my cock with more pressure and speed.

Your heavy breath excites me even more.

"Ahhh, AHHHH, I'm going to cum!!!" you cry out

I nearly lose it when you spring up and mash my face into your pussy. Immediately my tounge seeks out it's place and begins to work. The juices that slip from your pussy are covering my face.

You cry out as I lick, slurp and eat away all the while I beat away and cock. Your legs begin to quake.

"I'M CUMING!!!!"

My mouth and face are treated to a geyser of fluids. I start to moan into your pussy when I can't take it any more and I finally shoot my load out of my cock. Cum blasting the floor and the side of the tub. I nearly topple over. You step back and smile down at me, gently touching and caressing my face.

"Thank you, Goddess."

You nod and move away toward your bedroom.

"I trust that I don't have to tell you to clean this up." You say as you leave me crumpled in pleasure on the floor.

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